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3 Ways To Wear Diesel Denim This Summer

Updated: May 29, 2021

Diesel Trucker Jackets and Denim 1

GQ profiles the four Diesel denim trends you need to know this season and how you can get the look.

GQ profiles the three Diesel denim trends you need to know this season and how you can get the look.

When founder Renzo Rosso rebranded the denim manufacturer 'Moltex' to Diesel in 1978, his goal was to create a truly authentic brand. That sense of truth has become an unofficial by-line for the brand and has helped it evolve with a sense of genuine authority over its 38 years.

The dyed blue denim cotton textile has long been seen as the most democratic of materials - suitable for the blue and white-collar worker, the young and the old, the creative and the corporate.

As such, denim has been manipulated and transformed by designers looking to express a sense of gritty realness in their work for over a hundred years.

Denim has seemingly been used in every way conceivable since its invention in the late 1800s; worn by men in every profession in one way or another. From the baggy rolled-up pants of Genoese sailors, to the multi-pocketed versions favoured by Italian craftsman, in jackets worn by American gold miners, on the caps of East London dock workers as well as sucked tight to the limbs of rock stars, pop stars and every model to grace the catwalk.

The best thing about denim is its versatility, its character and its sheer resilience. You can wash it, shrink it, iron it, dirty it, rip it and drag it along the ground and it only makes the garment more personal and interesting.

So with summer around the corner and an acknowledgement that denim is a trans-seasonal element of every man’s wardrobe, we profile three ways to wear it over the coming months.

Diesel Trucker Jackets and Denim 2

Diesel THAVAR 0848Y skinny jean. Find them here.

1. Go straight and roll that cuff

The days of spray on denim jeans have passed. All hail the straight leg cut with huge cuff. If you’re looking to trade in those skinny jeans for something more up to date, be inspired by the burly men of the 1950s. Look for straight fit styles with squared back pockets and a comfortable arched yoke that follows the line of the body. Think James Dean and Marlon Brando kicking dirt and punching teeth. 

Diesel Trucker Jackets and Denim 3

Patch up your denim. Via

2. Double it up and mix those styles

We love denim so much we advocate doubling it up. However, why not try something a little different by playing around with stretch as well as wash? With technical sportswear now using denim too, mix up a drawstring-waist Carrot fitted pants with a hand-finished stitched denim shirt.

Diesel Trucker Jackets and Denim 4

Diesel KAKEE 0853V regular waist jean. Via

3. Play around with washes and denim shirts

One of the great things about denim is the sheer amount of washes, colours, thickness and textures to choose from. From white-washed jeans to jet-black jackets and every shade of blue in between, there is a denim wash to fit every day and every occasion of the year.  Find your wash, then muddy it, clean it, bleach it, unpick it – whatever you do – just make it your own.

Author: GQ Staff

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