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366 Days, One Pair Of Jeans

When over 1500 hardcore denimheads slipped into a pristine pair of jeans on January 1st, the largest global fade-off in history began. Find out more about the world's premier fading competition here:

We’ve been a proud supporter of the Indigo Invitational from the very beginning, but Y4 is a special one, as this year we've deployed our secret weapon to fly the Iron Heart flag in the competition. Denimhead folklore tells tales of "The Nomad of Norway", "The Arctic Avenger” and "The Gladiator of the Glaciers”. While he may go by many names, we know him as the one and only Denim Dawg. We won't spoil any surprises just yet, but if previous adventures are anything to go by, the Dawg’s approach to the Invitational promises to be a unique and entertaining one.

As they say though, the road to great fades is a marathon, not a sprint - so for now, make sure to subscribe, follow us on Instagram and sign up to the IH forum, so you can watch Denim Dawg and his friends as they journey towards the hallowed hall of fades.

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