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4 Stylish Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket This Summer

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's easy if you know how

Trucker Jacket with Model 1

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the denim jacket is a one-trick pony kind of piece. Pick something light, wear it on top of whatever dark jeans you've got lying around and a pair of white trainers, and voila: that's this season sorted... right?

Well, sort of. Because while the light and dark denim combo isn't going anywhere, there's more than one way to work spring and summer's most popular outerwear trend.

Below, we lay-out the four new and classic ways to style your denim jacket... no matter what your chosen aesthetic is.

Trucker Jacket Ensemble

From left: Jacket by Sandro, £210; T-shirt by A.P.C, £89; Jeans by Maison Margiela, £305; Trainers by Gucci, £405

A summer-ready take that uses a light-wash jacket as a base. Make things interesting by swapping out your jet black jeans for a pair that feature a subtle wash; while the plain white Tee is replaced with a Breton in a lesser-seen shade of ecru.

The white trainers speak for themselves, although you can always go for a plain pair if you're feeling particularly minimalist.

Trucker Jacket Ensemble 2

From left: T-shirt by Comme des Garcons, £72; Jacket by Cmmn Swdn, £330; Jeans by Nudie, £90; Trainers by Vans, £60

One for the bold and brave amongst you, the key here is to allow the colour of the jacket to take centre stage, with the rest of the outfit falling across a spectrum of white, black, black and white.

If 'Millennial Pink' is a step too far, swap it out for a jacket in stone or off-white.

Trucker Jacket Ensemble 3

From left: Jacket by Remi Relief, £429; Sweatshirt by Sunsepl, £95; Jeans by Levi's Vintage, £159; Trainers by Converse, £70

While 2016 was the season of the souvenir bomber jacket, expect to see its denim cousin take over this time out, with brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Remi Relif all adding far-eastern embroidery to their denim lines.

Like a slightly more trend-focused take on the 'Old Faithful', there's no need to go overboard with the patches and floral.

Trucker Jacket Ensemble 4

From left: Jacket by Acne Studios, £240; T-shirt by MKI, £35; Jeans by Paul Smith, £100; Boots by Dr Martens, £115

The kind of denim set-up that can be easily replicated throughout the year, the trick here is to opt for a dark, dark, overwashed jacket that isn't quite black, before adding some lighter monochrome contrast in the T-shirt.

When it comes to the bottom half, the slim black jeans and Doc Martens (swap out for a black combat boot of your choice if they're not your thing), are a timeless combination.

This one's for the guy who needs a little bit more edge to be tempted into the trend... we get it.

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