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A Shockoe Jeans Review

Shockoe Atelier make great jeans, in several fits, in America, from American selvedge denim, at a good price. So why don't I hear more about them? I picked up a pair of stonewashed black jeans from them but I know that what people really want is blue jeans, well faded, brimming with signs of wear and love — that's why I recruited my pal Albert to bring in his Shockoes and give you a taste of what your jeans could become!

00:00 Who's Upstateguystyle

01:05 Shockoe Kojima jeans review

04:44 Shockoe's Black Ivy Stonewashed

06:11 Shockoe jeans construction

09:26 Shockoe jeans fits

09:50 Shockoe jeans price

11:38 Wrapping Up

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