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Beams Teams Up With Levi’s For Collection Of ‘Super Wide’ Silhouettes

We’re preposterously late on this Beams x Levi’s “Super Wide” capsule, but the ‘90s party isn’t over, Wide Clothes aren’t going anywhere and vintage options are getting thinner by the day.

Featuring three pieces—a pair of jeans, a trucker jacket, and a t-shirt—theoretically designed to mesh together, the capsule is just the right amount of familiar*. The Super Wide Jeans, done in a faded-out wash, are cut loose and straight like the ones getting ran through in vintage shops across the country and feature a button fly and a dual-branded patch at the back. The Super Wide Trucker Jacket—which is essentially a wide Type 1—is also done in that same wash, while the pocket tee has a red tab at the front and the dual-branded patch splashed across the back and comes in an oversized fit.

(*Kind of like a song that sounds like it’s been getting run on Oldies stations for a decade but is actually by like four siblings between the ages of 22 and 26 from Norway.)

For those keeping score, this is the third time they’ve linked up, and it’s… not bad? They didn’t break the wheel—this is TikTok-pilled algorithm-core—but it’s undoubtedly wearable. And while I wouldn’t call anything “Super Wide,” (JNCOs still exist, this erasure will not stand), it’s not a full-on wide-washing situation either. And the wash (I want the smoke), is pretty good too.

The collection is available from Levi’s.

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