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Brexit is Reigniting Tensions in Northern Ireland

It's been over two decades since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement ended the violent conflict in Northern Ireland known euphemistically as “the troubles.” But earlier this year the country saw some of the worst unrest in recent years, with rioting spreading to multiple towns and cities across the country.

One of the driving forces behind the violence is Northern Ireland's post Brexit relationship with the EU. On leaving Europe it was agreed that no land border for goods or people would be placed between Northern Ireland, part of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, an EU member— as cooperation between the two nations was a big part of what ended 30 years of conflict in 1998.

But the decision to avoid a border on the island of Ireland has resulted in a de facto sea border for goods being placed between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. This is something many in Northern Ireland's Protestant Unionist community believe is a threat to their identity and their country's future as part of the UK.

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