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Exploring Japanese Street Food and Local Surfing Spots

Shop gear from this episode of DIRT:

Hope you're hungry. In this episode, come along as we eat our weight in sushi and ramen, meet nori farmers and wagyu ranchers, and make some new surfing buddies along the way. P.S. if you're hungry for more Japan content, stay tuned for our next two episodes. In this episode of DIRT, the crew road tripped around Kyushu. The food culture in Kyushu dates back to the emperors of Japan, and the Black Current off the eastern shore has shaped the island's cuisine for centuries. The DIRT team followed that current up the coastline, surfing with new friends and tasting new flavors. And with each stop, we learned even more about how the traditions we keep can honor thousands of years of knowledge—and point the way to the future.

Thanks to our friends at Japan Airlines for partnering with us on this episode of DIRT. Start your adventure in Japan here:

Shot and Edited by WRKSHRT |

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