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Give'r Leather Gloves| Shop Give’r Gloves on Huckberry

In this Gear Lab, Give’r founder Bubba Albrecht stopped by our Austin HQ to show us the latest lineup of Give’r Gloves. A native of Jackson Hole, WY, Bubba originally created the gloves to help himself and a few friends navigate the sub-freezing temps that run nearly year-round in the neighboring Teton mountain range, but before he knew it, he was making ‘em by the truckload for friends and fans. Have you ever wanted to stick your hand in a fire and grab a burning log? Toss a handful of dry ice without getting frostbite? Reach into a boiling pot and pluck a fresh lobster? Well, in the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Hold onto your butts,” because Give’r gloves can do it all, and then some. Now where’s the wood? We’re feeling a sudden urge to start choppin’.

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