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How To Skin A Bison, Ohio

You've seen us process a lot of bison, but you've never seen us remove the hide. Today, The Bearded Butchers are going to show you exactly how we skin the bison that we raise right here on our own farm in Creston, Ohio.

The bison we skin in this video is a 24 month old bison bull. Seth uses a variety of 6 inch Victorinox knives. He is most comfortable with a Victorinox 6 inch, semi-stiff curved blade knives. The hide is thicker, the hair is thicker, overall, a bison is difficult to skin. Compared to a beef hide, a bison hide is extremely dry. The hide on a bison can be close to a half inch thick in some places! Dealing with the hair is usually the biggest issue but it has to be managed. Keeping the carcass clean is the most important part of skinning an animal. 3:40 If you have longer and shorter blades, use the shortest one on the legs.

As you skin, use your thumb to keep pulling the hair back away from the exposed carcass.

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