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Indigo Season: The Coolest Jeans and Jackets of Spring

Updated: May 27, 2021

Denim is a consummate American classic, but over time, the cuts and washes evolve. Here are the latest styles in jeans and jackets that’ll fit both you and the season just right.

Find the Right Fit: Jeans and Jackets

34 Heritage Cool Mid Rise Tapered: These offer room at the top and taper toward the ankles, giving the illusion of a slim cut.

Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Relaxed Straight: The pair has a neutral cut that looks good on most guys and transitions easily from day to night.

MAVI Jake Blue Black Athletic: This style is cut for long and lean body types: slim but not form-fitting.

Not Just for Truckers

Unless you still fit into the vintage denim jacket you wore in college (kudos, you), it’s time to nab a new one. If your look is modern, opt for a slim cut that looks correct atop a button-down shirt.

For everyday wear, pick a heritage design that’s loose enough to button over a sweatshirt. Here are three of our favorites, from left to right:

Rag & Bone Definitive Jacket

Wrangler Icons 124MJ

Polo Ralph Lauren Faded Denim Trucker Jacket

Author: Kevin Breen

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