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Kapital’s Ringoman Coverall

I don’t believe in Perfect Things™—that’s a subjective metric and things tend to fit people differently—but Kapital* comes so close like eight times a season, and the 12 oz. Denim x 8oz. Denim Ringoman Coverall** is one of those close calls.

Part coverall, part hunting jacket, part denim jacket, part conceptual pocket collage, and subtly weird in all the best places, it’s going to be hard to find a better shoulder season daily driver than this.

(*There are others, but they didn’t make this coat and we only have so much time. **After like 20 seasons—don’t quote me on this, it just felt right—it’s still unclear as to why it’s called the Ringoman. Did Ringo Starr wear it? Probably not. Is it related to the Ring Coat? Not in any way I can parse. But it’s a good name for a jacket, that much I know.)

Made in Japan using two separate 100% cotton, indigo-dyed denim fabrics — 12 oz. for the body, and 8oz. at the arms, creating a subtle variance in tone, function, and fade potential— this coverall-adjacent jacket comes outfitted with a spread collar, a button front placket, button cuffs, asymmetrical round patch pockets at the front, a massive slanted patch pocket at the back, a straight hem and a slightly boxy fit.

So, again, I have no idea what a Perfect Thing is, but this psuedo-chore seems like it’s almost all the way there.

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