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Oldblue Co. Continues Golden Decade Celebrations With White Oak Denim Steamroller Jacket

Oldblue Co. does up their own version of the locomotive jacket with their Steamroller Jacket in 14 oz. Plain Indigo White Oak denim. You heard right- that’s Cone Mills White Oak denim, which at this point is deadstock denim, ’cause the North Carolina-based denim plant White Oak is no more. Remarkable denim aside, The Steamroller Jacket is a conductor jacket done up the only way Oldblue Co. knows how: with style. You can take one look at the fancy stitching and pockets on this chore destroyer to know that it’s from the Indonesian denim brand- they did it the Oldblue way, and now you can benefit from their efforts.

The Steamroller is done up with a classic American chore coat silhouette, four-pocket front, with watch pocket, additional pen pocket, and interior pocket – that’s a damn functional jacket. Single needle stitching with decorative embellishments, brass buttons, adjustable cuffs, triple-needle stitched seams, raglan sleeves, and more. All for a nearly unbeatable price.

Available for $185 at Oldblue Co.

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