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Pyro's Pastrami, C.A

Chef Cash Caris and Anahita Cann are the owners of Pyro’s Pastrami, a homemade pastrami sandwich pop-up they operate near a train station in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA. A staple in NY-style delis around the east coast, pastrami is relatively unknown in the Bay Area; but Pyro’s is still a popular destination for diners who know the food or are just learning to love it. Cash’s labor of love is his intensive 30-day process that includes brining, smoking, and steaming his beef brisket pastrami. They make everything they serve from scratch, like their potato chips, sandwich bread, sauces, pickles, and more. Though still under the radar, Pyro’s Pastrami has found their deli-hungry fanbase in Oakland.

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