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TCB Reproduced Denim Found In An Old Mine By Viktor Fredbäck

If you’ve been into denim for long enough, you’ve probably heard tales of the brave folks who descend into ancient, rickety mine shafts in search of the rarest jeans ever made. Now you can get in on this amazing morsel of denim history without risking your own hide, thanks to Victor Fredbäck and TCB Jeans.

On a lockdown call between these two titans of denim, Victor showed the TCB team some vintage pieces from something called “Olympic Brand,” an extremely rare and nearly forgotten Levi’s sub-brand. The resulting collaboration has resulted in two pieces, both dyed with logwood, a “blouse” and a pair of “waist overalls”. Fastidiously reproduced based on the mine shaft originals and catalogs, everything from the construction to the dyes has been researched and tested to yield the most authentic results possible. It was no small feat to get the pieces up to snuff, but the end product is a unique chapter of denim history, one that is rapidly selling out!

All but sold out with limited sizes available at Redcast Heritage and Stuf-f with prices ranging from $308 to $400

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