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Warehouse Painstakingly Reproduces a 30s Type I With Its Lot.2001XX 1936 Model

God, I just love Warehouse. If I could just start my wardrobe over from scratch, I would just make everything Warehouse. So many brands in our niche do faithful reproductions of vintage pieces, but few do it as well or as exhaustively as the Osaka 5 giants.

Take for instance this Lot.2001xx 1936 Model jacket, a reproduction of the first Type I jacket made by Levi’s, one that predated the more common and mass-produced versions of the same fit. Made from their “Dead Stock Blue” denim, which gets about as close to the original vintage variety as humanly possible, this is like grabbing a jacket straight out of a time machine.

Made in Japan with a deer leather patch, this is as “Type I” as it gets. Short in the body, pleated, with one chest pocket and a back cinch! You can’t beat this selvedge, unsanforized beauty.

Available for ~$343 at Hinoya

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