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Canvas Jackets For Men

Our canvas jackets for men are a versatile pick for any wardrobe, offering a warm, practical, outdoor aesthetic.

The Timeless Waxed Canvas Trucker Jacket

The waxed canvas trucker jacket has its origins in Scottish seafarers of the 19th century. These tough sailors realized that their sails and their clothes were far more resistant to water when coated with linseed oil.

Impractical, for sure, linseed oil was quickly replaced with a paraffin wax, which was built into the cotton fabric during production. This material offered breathability and flexibility of movement while maintaining waterproofness.

Very quickly, canvas jackets for men became staples in army attire, and after their use in World War II, they became commercially available and highly popular. Tents and bags used in outdoor expeditions were particularly reliant on this wonderful material.

Oiled Canvas Jackets Today

Today, oiled canvas jackets have maintained their association with both the army and with rugged outdoor wanderers.

Hollywood speaks volumes. Tom Cruise wears a canvas jacket in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) as he plays the ex-US military major of the same name. In 2022, Daniel Craig wears a waxed canvas trucker jacket as he plays MI6 agent, James Bond, in No Time To Die.

Notably, both characters are a little nomadic, highly practical, and spend a lot of time on the open road.

A Superior Make

Waxed canvas trucker jackets are created through a process known as "hot waxing," where the fabric is first treated with a paraffin or synthetic wax. This treatment is what makes the fabric unparalleled for its water resistance and durability.

After hot waxing, the fabric is then cut and sewn into the desired jacket design, before undergoing a final waxing process. This involves heating the wax until it melts, and evenly distributing it over the jacket's surface using a brush or roller.

With proper care, the waxing process can actually be repeated as many times as necessary, to maintain its functionality as an outdoor fit.

Finding The Right Men’s Waxed Canvas Jacket

The men’s waxed canvas jacket provides a versatile, pragmatic aesthetic in a range of styles, weights, and colors.

When it comes to weight and density, a heavier weight is usually more durable and better able to withstand wind and rain. Lighter weights, meanwhile, are often more comfortable and ideal for warmer climates.

Our canvas jackets for men should be fit with enough room for layering, without being too loose or too bulky. That being said, you might prefer an oversized look, in which case, follow your nose.

Canvas Jacket – Men

Shop canvas jackets for men today from Trucker Jackets. We supply jacket after jacket to men across the nation, and we’re bound to have something for you.

Our canvas jackets for men cater to a range of price points and styles, so there’s bound to be something for you.


What is an oiled canvas jacket?

An oiled canvas jacket is unapologetically cool.

Jokes aside. Oiled or waxed canvas trucker jackets are jackets made from durable, waxed cotton fabric.

These jackets are often used for outdoor activities or workwear, as the fabric is able to withstand rough use and harsh weather conditions.

In addition to traditional solid colors, these jackets may also come in patterns or with distinctive features such as patch pockets or hoods.

Waxed canvas jackets can be paired with casual outfits, or layered with other pieces for added warmth in cooler temperatures.

Are waxed canvas trucker jackets warm?

Not all waxed jackets are created equal. But, for the most part, you can trust them to be fairly warm.

Generally speaking, a waxed jacket has insulating properties, which can help to retain body heat and keep the wearer warm. This insulation can vary based on the thickness and density of the fabric, as well as how well it fits the wearer's body. 

In addition, external factors – such as temperature and wind – can also affect how "warm" a jacket feels.

How should a canvas jacket fit?

Our canvas jackets for men should have a comfortable, tailored look - not too tight or restrictive, but not oversized either. 

The sleeves should end at the wrist bone and the shoulders should lay flat against your own shoulders, without any pulling or bunching. The hem of the jacket should hit right at or slightly below your waistline.

It's also important to consider how easily you can move and perform everyday tasks while wearing the jacket - there shouldn't be any tugging or pulling in the arms or torso when raising your arms above your head or reaching for something.

Ultimately, a well-fitting canvas jacket for men should enhance his figure instead of overwhelming it. If you’re in doubt, take a look at our sizing guide.

Do waxed jackets come with any special features?

Some do. One of our best-waxed canvas jackets features a soft moleskin collar, while others make the pick for being our new favorite fall jacket, for being a little lighter in weight and feel.

Alternatively, you might like a flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket, which has an extra layer of warmth to it. This type of waxed cotton jacket, like the Dylan Jacket, is one of the best options for winter.

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