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Canvas Motorcycle Bag

When you’re riding the open highways, it pays to have a bag equipped for the elements. In this regard, our canvas motorcycle bag collection has you covered.

How Canvas Came To Motorcycles

Canvas has a long history, one which sees them traverse market stalls, oil paintings, Venetian sails, and finally, canvas motorcycle saddlebags. 

In all honesty, the Egyptians were probably the first to use canvas commercially, as shade cloth over market stalls. This gives canvas a practical usage dating back thousands of years.

The use of canvas as a painting surface dates back to the 13th century, when Italian painter Cimabue is believed to have used it for religious artworks. It wasn't widely adopted, however, until the 16th century, when Northern European painters began using it as an alternative to wooden panels.

Historically, linen canvas was preferred due to its durability and texture. However, cotton duck canvas soon replaced linen as the most common support due to its lower cost and easier availability. Canvas offered several other advantages: it was more durable and easier to transport and allowed for larger paintings due to its flexibility.

However, in the West, the use of canvas for making sails began in the 16th century, as a replacement for the coarse wool sails that had previously been in use. From there, canvas turned to usage in other forms of transportation, like on motorcycles, in no time at all.

Origins Of Canvas Motorcycle Saddlebags

The first recorded use of canvas motorcycle saddlebags can be traced back to a British army officer named Clive Arturo Gutch in 1916. He attached canvas bags to his motorcycle in order to transport essential supplies during WWI, recognizing their utility for traveling on rough terrain.

During World War II, canvas bags became widely used for transporting materials in similarly rough conditions. The military issued canvas duffle bags to soldiers, and after the War ended, surplus stores began selling them to civilians. 

It wasn’t until the 1950s, though, that touring motorcyclists began to adopt the idea for their own travels. Today, canvas bags have become an integral part of motorcycle culture and can often be seen attached to both vintage and modern bikes, offering a stylish and functional alternative to traditional hard-shell saddlebags.

The Canvas Motorcycle Bag Today

Canvas motorcycle bags have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

Against the backdrop of its use by merchants, artists, sailors, and soldiers, canvas as a material is a symbol of the pioneer, the creative, the go-getter, and the adventurer. It’s a pretty hard combination to match. 

There’s no doubt that today, Hollywood has a big part to play in fanning this association. These bags are often seen strapped onto the side or back of the motorcycle in films like “Easy Rider” and “The Motorcycle Diaries”. These movies have added to the canvas saddlebag’s association with nomadic wanderers and revolutionaries, with its practical, sturdy, and reliable properties.

Motorcycle riders know the importance of having a reliable set of saddlebags to store essentials for a long ride. Our saddlebags offer just that, with double-strapped flap covers to ensure secure closure and durable material that can withstand harsh weather. Unlike hard saddlebags, our canvas options are also far more stylish, if we say so ourselves.

These bags are designed to attach easily to saddlebag brackets on your motorcycle for easy installation. Whether you're packing for a cross-country journey or just a weekend getaway, a canvas motorcycle saddlebag provides an essential means of storage while maintaining a sleek look on your bike.

While leather motorcycle bags have long been a go-to option for riders, canvas bags offer a more casual, contemporary look.

How The Canvas Motorcycle Side Bag Is Made

Canvas motorcycle bags are made using a sturdy canvas material. The fabric is cut and sewn into the desired shape, often with reinforced seams and extra stitching for added durability.

The bags may also feature metal hardware such as zippers, snaps, or buckles to secure the contents inside. Leather accents, straps, and handles may also be added for additional style and function. 

Waxed canvas is treated with a paraffin or synthetic wax, while oil waxed canvas is treated with a blend of oils and waxes. Both aim to provide greater water resistance and increased durability over time. Oil-waxed canvas bags often appear darker and have a softer texture than their waxed counterparts.

With a classic design, large total storage capacity, and the ability to fit motorcycle riders’ gear with ease, the saddle bag is a must-have for any serious rider. Keep them in your vehicle garage ready to go for your next trip away.

Keep Your Kit Secure With A Canvas Motorcycle Bag

Having a reliable storage solution on your motorcycle can make the difference between a smooth ride and a stressful one. Here, canvas motorcycle bags offer secure, durable options for keeping your gear protected.

Made of heavy-duty canvas material, these bags are designed to withstand rough terrain and inclement weather. They also feature reinforced stitching for added strength and sturdy closures to keep items safely tucked away.

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