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Trucker Duffle Bag

Cotton canvas. Leather. Our trucker duffle bag collection features premium quality materials and expertly crafted designs.

Canvas Travel Bags

We honestly don’t know where we’d be without our canvas travel bags.

Long-distance hiking trips, weekends away, interstate travel, staying the night away from home. The canvas travel bag can accommodate all of your expeditions, and thanks to a superior make, it’ll last for years and years to come. Probably, more like decades.

Canvas Duffle Bag – Men’s Collection

Our canvas duffle bag – men’s collection – contains everything you need for every trip away.

Each bag is made from durable, heavy-duty canvas and features leather accents for added style and strength.

In addition to a spacious main compartment, the bags also have several exterior pockets for easy access to smaller items. The adjustable straps make them comfortable to carry whether by hand or as a backpack. 

We’ve got a range of colors, from greens to tans and darker browns. Whatever your style is, we’ve got you covered.

Waxed Canvas Duffle Bag Men’s

Waxed canvas duffle bags are created using a special type of canvas fabric that has been treated with waxes and oils. This treatment process allows the canvas to become waterproof and more durable, making it well-suited for use as a duffle bag.

The fabric is then cut and sewed into the iconic shape, sometimes with additional reinforcements or lining added for extra protection.

The finished duffle bag may also undergo an additional waxing process to ensure long-lasting waterproofing. This attention to detail results in a sturdy, reliable duffle bag that can stand up to tough conditions.

Waxed Canvas Travel Bag

When it comes to durable and long-lasting travel bags, waxed canvas is the material of choice. 

Before the fabric can be cut and assembled, our bags must undergo a process known as "waxing." The canvas is treated with a blend of natural waxes such as beeswax and paraffin, giving it waterproof protection and a unique textured appearance.

This treatment also adds to the canvas's strength and durability. The waxed fabric is then cut and sewn into the desired shape, often with leather accents for added structure and stability.

A well-made waxed canvas travel bag can withstand years of use and only gets better with age.

Start Traveling In Style

Wherever you’re going, do it looking good.

Check out our trucker duffel bag collection. Take one home today.

Alternatively, shop mens trucker jackets online, and explore all things jean jackets, waxed canvas jackets, and more.


What Is Distinct About A Trucker Duffel Bag?

A trucker duffel bag stands out from other bags due to its unique shape, designed to carry maximum cargo in an easy-access manner.

Trucker duffel bags often have extra straps and attachment points for securing contents inside. These special features make the bag well-suited for the needs of truck drivers and other travelers who require sturdy, organized storage options.

What Makes A Trucker Duffel Bag Vintage?

In the case of a Trucker Duffel Bag, the vintage look is all about the materials and design.

 Authentic vintage bags were typically made with canvas or leather and featured unique, hand-stitched detail. The classic shape and color combinations (such as brown and tan) also contribute to the vintage feel.

How Should I Choose A Trucker Duffle Bag?

If you're looking for a durable, stylish duffle bag, look no further than our premium waxed canvas options from Trucker Jacket.

Made with solid brass hardware and adjustable shoulder straps, this bag can easily hold all your belongings while creating a stylish statement. The waxed canvas material is water-resistant and will only look better with age and wear, adding to the unique charm of the bag.

Whether you're heading off on a weekend trip or simply carrying your gym essentials, this canvas duffle bag is sure to meet all your needs. Plus, it's a great sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bags. Invest in a quality product that will last for years to come.

Are Trucker Duffle Bags Good?

Our canvas backpacks are a versatile option for travel or everyday use.

The shoulder strap makes them easy to carry, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit any need. Many canvas duffle bags are also waterproof, making them an excellent choice for hikes or beach trips.

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