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Waterproof Canvas Backpack

Tough, sturdy, nigh indestructible. Introducing our waterproof canvas backpack collection.

Canvas Leather Backpack

The canvas leather backpack has a long, storied history.

First used by travelers and miners in the late 19th century, these sturdy bags quickly became a staple for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. The military also saw their utility, bringing these backpacks with them on missions during both World Wars.

Eventually, the versatile and durable design proved popular with students and urban dwellers as well, making the waterproof canvas backpack a versatile fashion statement as well as a practical accessory.

The Making Of The Waterproof Canvas Backpack

The key to creating a waterproof canvas backpack lies in the fabric and the coatings applied to it.

The canvas itself is often made of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, which provide durability and flexibility. Then, it is treated with a polymer coating on both the front and back sides to prevent water from permeating through.

Waterproof zippers and seams are essential for ensuring that no water can enter the bag. And most come with an extra rain cover, for added protection in extreme conditions. Throw in some comfortable shoulder straps and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

The Canvas Rucksack In Cinema

It goes without saying that the canvas rucksack is a mainstay in modern cinema.

In film, canvas bags are often associated with traveling, sport, adventure, and nomadism. They’re used by Robert Redford in the 1969 film "Downhill Racer", and by Heath Ledger in the 2005 film "Brokeback Mountain." Other notable equivalents include use by Chris Pratt in the 2014 "Jurassic World" and Tom Hanks in the 2000 film “Cast Away."

In every case, practicality and functionality in the great outdoors is key. The same could not be truer today.

Canvas Roll Top Backpack

Our canvas roll-top backpack combines the durability of full-grain leather with the lightweight and waterproof nature of canvas. With multiple compartments, they’re versatile for both everyday use and long-distance travel.

We stock vintage-inspired and more modern, minimalistic styles. The renaissance of canvas bags today is seeing them used in not only outdoor settings, but in professional and corporate environments, making them at once practical and stylish.

With comfortable leather straps, you’ll be able to wear one of our waxed canvas backpacks like you would shoulder bags. Comfortable, and built for long-term wear.

Take Home Your Waterproof Canvas Backpack

Our waterproof canvas backpacks are everything you need for work, travel, hiking, camping, and weekends away. Take one home for yourself today.

Alternatively, check out our range of other products online, like duffle bag waxed, motorcycle side bag, and trucker jackets.


How Are Canvas Rucksacks Waterproof?

The answer lies in the fabric's construction and treatment process.

Canvas is made from tightly woven cotton or hemp fibers, creating a strong and sturdy material. The fabric is often treated with waterproofing agents such as wax or silicone, providing an added layer of protection from moisture.

As a result, a waxed canvas backpack can withstand light rain and accidental spills while still being a sustainable option for everyday use.

How Do I Wash My Waterproof Canvas Backpack?

Whether you’ve got waxed canvas bags or unwaxed canvas backpacks, harmful chemicals are never a good idea when doing a wash.

Ultimately, it is always best to air-dry canvas bags if they do get wet to ensure the longevity of the fabric's waterproof coating.

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