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140,000 Pizzas a year

Grimaldi's is a legendary pizzeria in New York City known for its authentic New York-style coal-oven pizza. Over the past 30 years, it has gained the admiration of both tourists and locals. Recently, Joe Avella, a host of Insider's "Food Tours," named it the best in New York City: • Finding The Best Pizza In New York | ...

But what truly sets the pizzeria apart is its production volume and team. Each day, veteran pizzaiolos hand-stretch 500 pies, expertly slice 200 pounds of fresh mozzarella, and manage a 1,000-degree oven.

While the pizzeria has changed hands over the years and expanded to more than 45 locations across the United States, the Brooklyn flagship has preserved the traditional recipes and kept most of its original staff.

We visited Grimaldi's flagship to see how it makes its pizzas in such big batches.

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