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15 Trucker Jackets That'll Rev Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

There are few wardrobe staples more badass and just darn easy to pull off than the trucker jacket. The style was made popular by Levi's back in the '60s and has stayed in the menswear lexicon ever since. This fall Raf Simons reignited interest in the original raw denim version of the jacket when he put one in his first collection for Calvin Klein. That said, he isn't the only one digging the rich cowboy vibe right now. Tom Ford's corduroy trucker jacket is the stuff of dreams—slimmed down, luxed up, with all the right pockets—and Fear of God makes one of the coolest shearling-lined options on shelves this fall. Of course, if you want to show off a little bit, there's always Supreme's reversible velvet take on the iconic shape. It's already sold out (streetwear...) but you can still cop one that's NWT on the secondary market. Don't be surprised if you find yourself slipping down a trucker jacket rabbit hole once you land on those sites. After fifty years in production, the vintage options are pretty much endless. But here, start with these...

15 Trucker Jackets

Stella McCartney velvet Trucker Jacket - $755 USD

This velvet option has just enough '70s flavor to take your old T-shirts to rock-god territory

Fear of God Shearling lined denim jacket - $1,795 USD

Once you get over the sticker shock, consider the fact that you'll probably wear this jacket roughly 6 out of 7 days for the next four months.

Zara checked denim jacket - $109 USD

If you're going to cheap out, do it with a cool pattern you maybe don't need to wear every single day.

Levi's Vintage Clothing "1967 Type III" trucker jacket - $359 USD

The original raw denim trucker jacket, complete with the super-pointy collar that every menswear diehard wants right now.

Todd Snyder "Dylan" suede jacket - $995 USD

Buttery soft suede. Basic black color. Soft, shirt-like construction. There is nothing not to like about this jacket.

Frame trucker jacket - $345 USD

Live a little! White in cold weather looks great. Just anchor it with moodier hues.

Sandro nubuck trucker jacket - $545 USD

A more refined version of the "sherpa" style you know and love. Wear it with trousers and dress shoes if you really want to show off your skills.

A.P.C. "Benjamin" jacket - $320 USD

Mix this sand-color jacket with other earthy colors like brown and olive for some Indiana Jones flavor.

Stussy Corduroy Trucker Jacket - $183 USD

Get the double denim look without having to worry about whether the washes work together. This jacket looks good with any pair of jeans.

Tom Ford stretch cotton corduroy jacket - $1,100 USD

Rich guy ranch owner. So much yes.

Gucci shearling lined jacket with snake sketch - $3,750 USD

A bleached out take on the staple with—surprise—a giant blue snake on the back. Oh, Gucci.

Supreme reversible velvet trucker - $300 USD

Two velvet trucker jackets for the price of one.

CALVIN KLEIN JEANS ESTABLISHED 1978 denim trucker jacket - $795 USD

Wear this trucker buttoned all the way up with matching jeans for the right-off-the-runway take.

Maison Kitsune contrast-collar corduroy jacket - $332 USD

Parka phobic? You'll get even more mileage out of this chunky shearling lined style.

Acne Studios burnt mustard jacket - $430 USD

The mellow-est fall yellow.

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