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5 Jean Jacket Styles That Are Cool In 2022

It’s often stated that there are some universal items anyone should have in their wardrobe. Think a white tee, the wear-with everything jumper, the matte color shoes. However, there is none considered more important than an item of denim.

Denim has become the beating heart of many a wardrobe, with its power to bring an outfit to life or be a signature statement on its own. It can be worn almost the whole year round in most places on the planet and is the perfect material for dressing up, or dressing down.

When we think of denim, our minds often drift to baby blue jeans. However, jeans aren’t the only necessary denim destined to take center spot in your wardrobe. In comes the jean jacket. These bad boys can be the difference between eyes turning your way or going unnoticed when you enter the room.

A quality jean jacket is the definition of versatile. There's something timeless about the light denim layer, regardless of your aesthetic. Every now and then, it’s important to experiment with new jean jacket outfit formulas so your trusted wardrobe stays fresh and relevant.

We understand that finding inspiration can be hard, so we’ve compiled the 5 coolest looking jean jacket looks of 2022.

1. The Denim Trench Coat

It's hard to overlook long-line denim jackets as an outerwear option, but often we do. Think about swapping your classic trench coat for a denim one. Make the look complete by wearing slacks and a crop top. Alternatively, you could throw on another set of jeans and boots to give that ‘wild-west’ vibe.

2. Layer Adding Tuxedo

How do you pull off a denim-on-denim look that stands out in 2022? Bring on the waistcoat. Adding a waistcoat in the same wash is a great way to seriously level up a denim look. Dress up your three-piece suit with a denim jacket over a trendy vest and high-waisted pants. Get a belt with a statement piece buckle and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. A pair of cowboy boots adds a laid-back touch to the polished outfit.

3. Hitting The Town

Hitting the town? We love to hear it. For an effortless model-approved outfit, throw on a dark-wash oversized denim jacket and a micro mini skirt. Often we overlook adding oversized items to our wardrobe unless they’re home knit jumpers our grandmothers gave us for christmas (which you should always pretend to be very thankful for). For a little more drama, throw on a pair of platform heels or thigh boots—and depending on where you live, tights to keep you warm.

4. Coordinated Print Set

Get a trendy update on the Canadian tuxedo by swapping out your knit coordinating sets with a printed denim option. You can mix and match patterns to your heart's desire. Don’t hesitate to dress it up or down according to your mood. A more extravagant and intricate print will tend to lean towards the fancier, more dressy side, whereas a more casual stripe or checkered print will lean towards the more casual end. There's no end to how you can wear a jean jacket, whether it's with heels and a bodysuit or loafers and a plain white tee.

5. Casual Vibes

If you're not ready to go all denim but still want a casual vibe, try cargo pants or khaki pants instead. Don't forget to wear a tee and a dad cap to match the relaxed feel. This mix match is a great way to pull off a more industrial look that highlights the factory and labor worker origins of denim. It's the kind of outfit you'll wear again and again.

Staple Items for Jean Jacket Success

Once you have the jean jacket of your dreams hanging in your wardrobe, there are some essential items you’ll want to stock up on to make it work in any situation.

Grab yourself:

● Boots

● Plain tees

● A set of denim pants

● A set of non-denim pants

With these ingredients, you’ll have the recipe for success at your fingertips!

Struggling to find the right jean jacket for you?

We know the pain. It can be a journey when you first start seeking out that perfect jacket you never want to let go of. Here at Trucker Jackets, we strive to solve that problem. With a wide range of authentic jean jackets to suit any look, we’ll halve the search time and have you turning heads in your best outfit faster than you can say denim.

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