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5 Tips To Remember When Washing Trucker Jacket At Home, 2022

5 Tips To Remember When Washing Trucker Jacket

1. Use Mild/natural detergents

It is important to check for large amounts of chemicals that may be present in your washing product. Even if you have to stray away from your regular detergent, get a mild one for your denim as is it worth this extra effort.  Harsh ingredients can make your Trucker Jacket’s dye fade faster and can loosen the fabric's natural stiffness, making it go out of the shape. Also, remember that your denim needs only a tiny amount of washer liquid/soap. Half a teaspoon should do the trick.

2. Flip to avoid a flop

Always flip your Trucker Jackets inside out while putting them under wash. This trick will not only avoid tampering with the dyes but also thoroughly clean the inner areas that need cleaning in the first place. It is also equally important to buy high-quality Trucker Jackets for maximum life of the product.

3. Always Line-dry

Never, ever put your Trucker Jacket in the dryer or put them on hangers to dry  Dryers can affect the strength of the fabric weave and shape of the garment over prolonged usage. Secondly, hangers can cause indents near the shoulders and collar of your jacket. It is best to hang them on a straight wire or flat dry on an old towel.

4. Cold wash

Warm water is generally not advised for a garment. Especially for denim, warm water can cause it to shrink and it also fades denim. A cool hack is to hang your Trucker Jacket up in the bathroom whilst you are taking a shower. This way you will be allowing the jacket material to swell due to the steamy water vapors. Your Trucker Jacket will stay fresher for a longer time!  

5. Use a Lint Roller

Lint roller is a handheld device that is used to clean lint from garments. The same works wonder for denim as it catches lint, dust, and dirt easily. To avoid frequent unnecessary washes, you can quickly and easily clean your Trucker Jacket by using a lint roller, as often as you would want to, while you’re driving in the car or taking a break at work.

Now, let’s have a look at the best methods to wash Trucker Jackets at home.

Washing a small stain

Spot cleaning is used to clean small/single stains. Don’t let a dollop of fallen mustard or ketchup make you run with your Trucker Jacket to the washing machine. This kind of dirt is not enough to waste a laundry cycle on your Trucker Jacket. Spot cleaning denim is as simple as dapping a soapy cloth on the fabric or gently brushing the soap-soaked area in circular motions.

Hand-washing a denim jacket

Hand washing is an age-old method to clean any kind of garment. For your Trucker Jacket, it is the next best thing to do after spot cleaning. Use a basic and mild detergent, soak your jacket in cold water and let it be for at least an hour. After the soaking, rub any specially stained areas gently by rubbing with your hands and then rinse the jacket with more cold water before letting the jacket dry on its own.

Machine-washing a denim jacket

There are many things in life which are worth spending a bit of extra time on and taking the time out to wash denim alone is one of them. Denim is a sensitive fabric and most Trucker Jackets have zippers, buttons, rips, distress, studs, embroidery, patchwork and rivets. Washing Trucker Jackets in a machine washer is the best method after spot-cleaning and hand-washing. Avoid getting your Trucker Jacket dry-cleaned as the process involves harsh chemicals that can take a toll on the jacket’s fabric.

Author: IFCHIC

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