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7 Ways Army Soldiers Train For Combat

After 10 weeks of basic training, Army soldiers begin preparing for specific types of combat operations. Some soldiers choose to join the Armor school where they join the ranks of tankers and cavalry scouts. One of the most popular courses is the Airborne School, where soldiers learn how to safely jump out of airplanes and into combat zones. In Air Assault school, soldiers learn how to utilize helicopters to insert themselves and equipment into combat in a course that's known as the Army's "ten toughest days."

Back on the ground, future snipers endure the grueling 7-week course that turns Army soldiers into lethal weapons. As the US military's focus moves from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region, soldiers train to fight in jungle environments as tension with China builds. Army soldiers require a lot of calories to do their dangerous jobs. That's why culinary specialists train to feed hundreds of hungry soldiers in combat zones. Injuries in combat are inevitable, which is why soldiers train to become combat medics to learn to wounds and potentially save lives.

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