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A Tomahawk Steak Taste Test Comparison

In this video, Seth and Scott, the Bearded Butchers, compare tomahawk steaks from a beef aged just one day, a tomahawk steak from a beef aged 14 days, and a tomahawk steak from a beef that has aged 42 days using their Dryager Cabinet.

They begin by cutting the steak one-day out of a freshly butchered beef carcass, then cutting a tomahawk steak from a two week carcass, and finally a tomahawk steak from the dryager cabinet, that have been aged for 42 days.

They then grill and taste the tomahawk steaks, giving their opinion of each.

Watch this video to find out which steak they like best - all while learning the importance of dry aging and how it affects the flavor and texture of beef!

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