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A Visual Guide to the Cuts of Deer

In this video, you will see Seth and Scott Perkins, The Bearded Butchers, break down an entire deer carcass and lay each cut out on a diagram.

They will begin the video by marking out a diagram of the carcass and then demonstrate two different cutting styles. One half of the deer carcass will be cut "bone-in" style, while the other half will be cut the "boneless style." They also discuss the different types of venison cuts, such as steaks, roasts, trimmings, bones, and fat. As Seth is cutting, Scott is at the trimmings table, ensuring that no meat goes to waste! After the deer is completely cut, Scott & Seth will lay all the cuts and trim in the diagram so the viewer can see exactly where all of the cuts comes from! At the end of the video, The Bearded Butchers explain the total yield of meat from the carcass, which can vary depending on the size of the deer and the quality of the meat. The video provides you with a wealth of knowledge about the cuts of venison.

The video is also visually appealing, with clear and concise visuals that help you understand the butchering process. Join experienced butchers Seth and Scott Perkins as they expertly guide you through the process, from understanding the anatomy of the deer carcass to skillfully separating each cut with precision! Here are some of the topics covered in the video: How to break down an entire deer carcass. The different cuts of venison and where they come from. The total yield of meat from an entire deer.

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