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A Well-Styled Trucker Jacket Is the Only Companion You’ll Need This Summer

Updated: May 28, 2021

Leading on from the first installment of our budding How-To series, where we styled the best cardigans for men, we now turn our attention to the denim jacket. Indicative of timeless design, and regarded worlds over as the staple of all staples, the denim jacket is an unwavering style icon, and foundational to the wardrobes of the world’s best-dressed. Fortified by a compelling subcultural history, denim as a fabric forsakes the formality of ageless alternatives, surpassing the likes of chino cloth with pure, unadulterated personality.

Much like the iconic MA-1 bomber jacket, the denim jacket spans a seemingly infinite number of style strata, used in both an auxiliary capacity, and as the standout piece. And like other timeless designs, the denim jacket only gets better with age, developing a sort-of patina, highlighted by frayed edging, loose thread, and discoloration. Having outfitted everyone from punks to preps, the denim jacket remains wholly relevant in 2020, with the likes of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White™, and Demna Gvasalia’s Vetements continuing to reinterpret the silhouette, while never moving too far away from its original form.

Double Denim

Rooted in utilitarianism, the denim jacket featured above references the design’s earliest applications as a piece of workwear. Expertly juxtaposed against a pair of denim pants and a crushed fabric shirt, we see that the taboo of donning double denim might not be as serious as everyone first thought. Replicate this look with a pocket-heavy iteration from Dsquared2, the Contrast Stitch Pocket Shirt from Jacquemus, and a pair of Saint Laurent shades.

The Power of Print

Denim will forever be one of the greatest materials to print on. Not only does the material take to paint exceptionally well, but as it decays, so does the print, developing a patina as unique as the fabric itself. Reminiscent of denim’s “punkier” beginnings, the outfit above, paired with some bold white Cuban boots, alerts us to the advantages of contrast. An alternative can be shopped below if you can’t bring yourself to part ways with your black leather stompers, but still want to work with contrast.

New Age

There is something very special about teal-colored denim. The way the fabric reacts with the color develops a shade so unique, that iterations made from it often stand out from the rest. Seen here layered over the top of an open button-down shirt, and a pair of corduroy pants, alternative takes such as this deserve a home in any respectable Spring wardrobe. Start moving towards a look for the future with pieces like the green cotton denim jacket by MSGM, and a fitting pair of green corduroy pants courtesy of Norse Projects.

Layered Up

As we learned earlier, layering denim on top of more denim is not actually a bad thing… in fact, we only want to encourage it moving forward! As each layer wears down in its own time, wearing such pieces together deepens each outfit by presenting a patchwork of indigo shades. So, with that being said, start maximizing the surface area and impact of your next denim ensemble with the Oversized Denim Shirt from Raf Simons, a relaxed pair of Carhartt jeans, and a printed hoodie from Highsnobiety’s latest drop.

Tried and True

The example above is everything a denim jacket deserves to be: well-worn, repetitively washed, and worn on top of just about anything. And who better to create a denim jacket in this context than industry-leader Off-White™, matching perfectly with the refined Mafile Plastron Shirt from Jil Sander, and a pair of cargo pants from Yoon Ahn’s groundbreaking brand, AMBUSH.

Author: Adam Mark

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