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Andy Stumpf: Navy SEAL, World-Record Holder

“There’s some gnarly things that come from a life that we used to live, whether it’s brain damage or the moral and psychological weight of living in an occupation where you’re deciding whether or not to take another human being’s life. There’s nothing wrong with talking about that stuff. I think where it gets to the place of being wrong is when you ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t exist.” This is why we love Andy.

Andy is a former Navy SEAL, member of Naval Special Warfare’s Tier 1 command, and two-time world-record-setting skydiver and wingsuit jumper. Now, Andy continues to support the SEAL community through charitable work and hosts the Cleared Hot podcast. You can watch that here: / clearedhotpodcast

We’re putting out this Stumpf signature collab roast, CLEARED HOT, and it won’t be around for long. Get it now, while it’s available:

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