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Behind the Brand: LALO Tequila

Read more about LALO on the Huckberry Journal:

Tequila tastes better with a story behind it, which is why we traveled to Arandas, Jalisco to unveil the heart and soul behind the cleanest, smoothest blanco in the game.

LALO co-founder and maestro tequilero, Eduardo ‘Lalo’ González, takes us through three generations of heritage— hand-harvesting agave in the Jalisco Highlands where he grew up. Co-founder David R. Carballido welcomed us and showcased the distinctly modern Mexico movement in bustling Guadalajara. Here, tequila is more than a drink, it’s an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and flavors that define the spirit of Mexico.

Check out our friends at LALO and raise a glass to the good stuff this National Margarita Day:

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