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Best Fall Jackets - Switch to Sherpa

Updated: May 27, 2021

If you’re currently shopping for a new jacket, we’ve got a sharp recommendation: sherpa. The best sherpa jackets upgrade wardrobe staples such as denim, corduroy and work jackets with a warm, cozy sherpa lining fit for any conditions.

Sherpa is typically a heavily-piled polyester that mimics real wool (so, cruelty-free). Sherpa is slimmer, softer and lighter than real wool, which is why it makes such good lining. The material offers the benefits of a cozy fit with added protection against the cold and wind, as sherpa has excellent wind-resistance and heat retention.

Another reason why we love sherpa jackets is their overall versatility style-wise. Even though most of the best sherpa jackets are squarely in the category of western wear, they can still be rocked with a wide range of outfits. Throw yours on with classic sneakers and chinos for a street-style look, or dress it up a bit with, say, chelsea boots and slim fit jeans. Or go full western with cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat.

What is a Sherpa Jacket?

Before picking up a new sherpa jacket, there are a couple things to keep in mind

Fabric: There’s quite a bit of well-founded confusion around the difference between sherpa, fleece, faux-shearling and shearling. To keep things simple, the first three (sherpa, fleece and faux-shearling) are all basically the same material. Shearling, on the other hand, is real wool, which is nicer when new. However, shearling comes with a higher price tag and can’t be washed as easily as sherpa.

Style: We’ve stuck to sherpa-lined jackets on our list, but these come in a few styles. These include denim sherpa jackets for the purists, corduroy for a unique western vibe, and sherpa-lined work jackets for a softer look.

Fit: Slouchy fits are coming back into style, but a well-fitted jacket is still timelessly cool and flattering. Also, if you plan on layering your new jacket over sweaters or flannels, be sure to go with something that’s fitted to accommodate layers underneath.

Brand: Great sherpa jackets come from everywhere. Iconic western wear brands offer maximum authenticity, while upscale designers have some plush, modern options worth considering as well.

What Are the Best Sherpa Jackets?

Modern sherpa jackets are a great transition piece, that can be worn on its own for lighter temps, and layered over a sweater when the seasons start to change. We’ve rounded up seven of the best sherpa jackets below. We’ve chosen a few variations to ensure that everyone can work some sherpa into their wardrobe.

1. Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

As the most iconic western wear brand in the world, it’s no surprise that Levi’s sherpa trucker is one of the best. This particular jacket features the same snug fit, hip-length hem and V stitching that made Levi’s trucker an icon back in 1967. Throw in sherpa lining and you’ve got a jacket that’s as warm and comfortable as it is classic. The denim is old school non-stretch for maximum protection against wind, and button-down waist tabs provide an adjustable fit.

2. Jordache Cameron Oversized Sherpa Jacket

This Jordache sherpa jacket is somewhere between a trucker and a fleece, and we’re into it. The upper yoke is all sherpa while the bottom half is acid wash denim. This wash gives the denim a vintage look, which pairs nicely with the statement-making sherpa. The fit is slightly oversized and relaxed, which creates a laid-back look and lets you easily slip the jacket over sweaters when it’s extra nippy outside.

3. Wrangler Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Jacket

Wrangler is another iconic western wear brand that’s less prominent than Levi’s with the general public, but equally reliable with actual ranchers. This sherpa-lined corduroy jacket showcases the brand’s classic cowboy style and makes a great alternative to the popular denim sherpa jacket.

The body and collar are fitted with warm sherpa and the sleeves feature smooth quilting. The jacket also has some subtle branding in the form of stitched Ws on the chest pockets. Although it’s cowboy style through-and-through, this jacket is actually quite versatile and could be worn with slacks and sneakers just as easily as jeans and cowboy boots.

4. BLANKNYC Snowed In Faux Fur Lined Jacket

This BLANKNYC faux fur-lined jacket might be inspired by western wear, but it’s a bold urban statement in the 21st century. The outer is a faux suede that, although less brag-worthy than the real stuff, makes for a lighter weight and less worry if it rains. The faux fur lining on the inside fleshes out the jacket with enough warmth to withstand nasty weather and gives the slightly large collar an eye-catching look. We recommend pairing the jacket with casual yet modern outfits, such as premium jeans, a perfect Tee and minimal sneakers or boots.

5. Schott NYC Faux Shearling Wool Blend Jacket

Work jackets are another great way to introduce some sherpa into your wardrobe. Case in point: this minimal, handsome wool-blend jacket from Schott NYC. The old-school brand is best known for their famous leather jackets, but this wool coat proves that they can do more.

A lightweight wool-nylon blend makes up the outer of this jacket, which can actually hold its own against a light shower. We’re big fans of the plaid on this jacket as well because it pairs very nicely with the faux shearling lining and collar. The jacket also features a button-up front and two front welt pockets.

6. Naked & Famous Oversized Sherpa Jacket

Another great corduroy sherpa jacket is this one from Naked & Famous. It’s slightly more high-fashion than the Wrangler option above, although still well aware of its western roots. The most notable feature is a slightly oversized, droopy fit, which scores some style points but also makes layering easier.

Naked & Famous has gone with an off-white sherpa lining, which alters the look just enough for people to realize that it’s a unique piece. Plus, the Japanese cotton seersucker corduroy is extra soft and hangs nicely on any physique.

7. A.P.C. Shearling-Trimmed Wool-Blend Jacket

Unlike our other picks, this A.P.C. jacket boasts some real shearling on the collar. Your neck can thank us later. The rest of the jacket is just as high-quality, featuring a premium wool-blend that’s sourced from Italy. You’ll also see ribbing on the sleeves and hem for extra warmth, plus slash welt pockets. The jacket is slightly on the large side, allowing easy layering over sweaters or flannels. We recommend rocking this jacket with jeans or crisp chinos and boots for best effect. Because of its solid navy color and classic cut, this is a jacket you can keep wearing for years to come.

Author: Oscar Hartzog

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