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Best Trucker Jacket

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The original Type III denim jacket that all trucker jackets are modeled after was popular among celebrities like John Lennon and Mick Jagger

Which Trucker Jackets are best?

If you want an effortlessly “cool” style, trucker jackets may be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do trucker jackets look stylish, but they are also an excellent piece of outerwear for fall and winter weather. If you’re considering adding a trucker jacket to your wardrobe, you may have some questions about what a trucker jacket is and which ones are best. By taking the time to learn more about the popular outerwear and comparing the most popular options, you’ll set yourself up to choose the trucker jacket that’s right for you. There are amazing options for both men and women out there.

What to know before you buy a Trucker Jacket

What is a Trucker Jacket?

Trucker jackets are a particular style of jacket invented in the 1960s. Trucker jackets are characterized by their pointed collars, chest pockets with pointed flaps and a cropped cut that ends at the waist. Although trucker jackets were popularized by Levi’s in the 60s, they’re trendy even today.

Trucker Jacket vs. denim jacket

Most trucker jackets are denim, but not all of them. Some of the most popular styles of trucker jackets, besides denim, are leather trucker jackets, suede trucker jackets and corduroy trucker jackets. In general, a trucker jacket is a style of jacket, whereas a denim jacket refers to the material from which the jacket is made.

Trucker Jackets warmth

Trucker jackets can keep you warm, but some are warmer than others. Many trucker jackets are made from a thin denim material that will help keep you warm in the fall but may not be ideal for winter. Still, there are a wide range of thick denim, leather and corduroy trucker jackets that are excellent for cold weather, although it’s worth noting they don’t have hoods

What to look for in a quality Trucker Jacket

Top-notch material

Trucker jackets are clothing items that can last for years to come if you get the right material. Trucker jackets made of thick, durable material are usually a great choice, although many thinner trucker jackets are also built to last. Although trucker jackets made from a quality material can be more expensive, you’ll likely save money in the long run by choosing an option that’s built to last.

Stylish design

Although most trucker jackets have a similar look, some are certainly trendier than others. Blue denim trucker jackets will likely always be in style, but not all denim is the same. Generally, thicker, stronger denim material will last longer and look better.

Sherpa trucker jackets look great on nearly anyone, and leather trucker jackets are also becoming quite popular.

Good fit

One of the best things about trucker jackets is their slim, tailored cut. Trucker jackets should be relatively slim but not particularly tight. You’ll want to make sure the trucker jacket you get is long enough to go down to your waist. Trucker jackets tend to run either too large or too small, so it’s a good idea to read some of the reviews before purchasing so you can get an idea of which size you should buy.

Trucker jacket FAQ

Why is it called a trucker jacket?

A. Trucker jackets aren’t just for truckers — the name “trucker jacket” is actually more of a nickname than an official name. The original trucker jacket was released by Levi’s and was known as the Type III Denim Jacket. Since its release in 1967, numerous other brands have created their own take on the Type III jacket using various materials, and they’ve come to be known as trucker jackets.

Are trucker jackets unisex?

A. Yes. Although some brands market their trucker jackets toward specific genders, most are meant to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender.

Author: FOX31 Denver

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