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British 22 SAS Operator Who Dared and Won

Our next guest is Christian Craighead, a former British 22 Special Air Service (SAS) operator, also known as Obi Won Nairobi. Although Christian cannot legally elaborate on the specifics of the events that transpired within the hotel attack, he graciously shares insights into the day of the attack and the subsequent occurrences. We delve into Christian's early childhood experiences, where he faced bullying and was exposed to violence. Christian recounts an incident from his youth involving a game of Batman and Robin, during which he was stuffed into a potato sack and set on fire.

Furthermore, we explore the factors that led Christian to pursue a career in the British army and the journey that eventually positioned him at the forefront of specialized operations. We delve into his time in the Pathfinders and discuss a notable close-quarters engagement where he eliminated five enemy combatants using a pistol.

Do not miss this captivating episode with Christian Craighead.

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