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20 Denim Trucker Jackets That Will Save Your Style this Fall, 2021

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Spending hours or even weeks tracking down your version of the perfect denim jacket is task you won’t regret. It might hurt a little bit at the time (and yes, we’re talking about your bank balance) but once finally you take home “the one”, it’ll change your style for the better every day of the week. Your t-shirts will magically turn into outfits, your work clothes will appear cooler by association, and your collection of cool pants will finally get the partner in crime they deserve. Honestly, it’s probably the most important purchase you’ll make all year (other than, you know, health insurance). So, roll up your sleeves and start matching. Here, 20 GQ-approved options to get you started. Warning: There’s a Saint Laurent in there that may cause heart palpitations.

20 Denim Trucker Jackets

John Elliott Thumper Jacket Type 2

John Elliott Thumper Jacket Type II

This jacket is cult-loved for a reason: few brands nail distressed denim quite as well as John Elliott.

Gucci Trucker Jacket

Gucci denim jacket with New York Yankees patches

This one's for diehards: Yankees fans, Gucci loyalists, and denim collectors.

Calvin Klein Trucker Jacket

Calvin Klein Jeans Est 1978 denim jacket

This clean, classic, minimalist jacket is finished with a graphic patch in the back (it’s Raf Simons’ stamp of approval).

Helmut Lang Trucker Jacket

Helmut Lang masculine trucker jacket

Cropped fit, off-white color, contrast stitching. This isn't your average trucker.

Levi Type 3 Trucker Jacket

Levi's Type 3 Sherpa jacket

The OG trucker is still one of the best money can buy. These days we’re into light washes and Sherpa collars for a ‘70s feel.

RRL Trucker Jacket

RRL slim-fit denim trucker jacket

The perfect medium blue, no bells, no whistles denim jacket. You are officially a cowboy.

Fear of God Trucker Jacket

Fear of God hooded denim trucker jacket

This has the round, tapered cut you love in a Champion hoodie, with the all-American flavor of a Levi’s trucker.

Supreme Trucker Jacket

Supreme patches denim jacket

Show your dedication to style with this sold-out, patched-up swerve of a jacket.

J Crew Trucker Jacket

J.Crew classic denim jacket

J.Crew's new lower prices make this denim jacket one of the best bang-for-your-buck options on shelves right now.

Balenciaga Trucker Jacket

Balenciaga distressed denim jacket

Just like your dad's anicent black denim jacket, except this one says Balenciaga.

Levi Vintage Trucker Jacket

Levi's Vintage Clothing corduroy paneled denim jacket

Green corduroy panels separate your trucker jacket from everyone else’s, for starters.

Coach Shearling Trucker Jacket

Coach shearling collar denim jacket

This thick-collar, dark-wash jacket feels just as substantial as your favorite leather jacket, and for half the price.

Acne Studio Trucker Jacket

Acne Studios paint vintage jacket

Acne hasn't been making denim jackets for hundreds of years, but they could have fooled us.

Todd Snyder Trucker Jacket

Todd Snyder Made in Los Angeles denim jacket

Todd Snyder isn't about spray paint, patches, and statement collars when it comes to your tried-and-true denim jacket. And that's what we dig about him.

AMI Trucker Jacket

AMI wool collar denim jacket

With a collar this thick, you may not even need a winter jacket.

Calvin Klein Trucker Jacket

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC + Andy Warhol Foundation trucker jacket

Buy it for the label, the Warhol connection, or because it's just a really great jacket in a hard-to-find color.

Saint Laurent Trucker Jacket

Saint Laurent corduroy-trimmed denim jacket

Think about it this way: If you wear this jacket 1,490 days in a row (and you most certainly will), it only costs a dollar per day.

APC Trucker Jacket

A.P.C. work jean jacket

If you wear more dress shoes than sneakers, this streamlined, raw-wash jacket is probably your speed.

Saturdays NYC Trucker Jacket

Saturdays NYC Emil leather-collar jacket

If you like the Saint Laurent but can't swallow the price (even with cost-per-wear rationalizations), this is a good trade.

Polo Ralph Lauren Trucker Jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren patchwork denim trucker jacket

This jacket already looks like a precious vintage artifact.

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