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Crenshaw Responds to David Goggins

Ok y’all here it is. Many of you might follow David Goggins and may have seen his recent two hour unhinged rant against me and the SEAL Teams more broadly. It’s sad to watch, honestly, and this kind of stupid drama is the last thing I want to be posting about. But the podcast he did was sufficiently vicious and unhinged to warrant a response. I never truly understood how much he hated the SEAL teams until now. I never understood how much he saw himself as a victim. If you don’t want to suffer through his 2 hour rant, you can get the basic idea from my video here.

This absurd outburst of his originates from a 2 minute answer I gave in an interview 3 years ago, where I was randomly asked about him. I wasn’t really positive about him, nor was I negative. I was apathetic. I gave the most honest answer I could about how he is viewed by the SEAL community. You’ll see the clip in my video here, and you’ll see how the podcast host misquoted it to make it clickbait.

David’s reaction was pretty unhinged. Not just against me, but against the whole SEAL community. I’ve clipped certain parts of his interview in my video so you know what I’m responding to, but if you want a holistic understanding of his 2 hour rant, you’ll have to find the podcast on YouTube. It’s easy to find. (He doesn’t actually get to me until about 1 hour into the podcast. Before that, he’s just ranting about how much he hates SEALs. I don’t even bother commenting on that first hour because it’s so absurd and misleading.)

The main reason I’m doing this is because Goggins attacks the men who don’t have a platform to respond or defend themselves. Well, I do. So I’ll speak on their behalf and tell all of you the truth about Goggins and what the SEAL teams are really about.

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