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Do EPIC Sh*t

“Do epic shit together.” That’s the goal, that’s what we’re all here for. And that was at the heart of the Veteran Adaptive Athlete Shoot (VAAS). We got outside, we slung some arrows, and we had a stellar time regardless of backgrounds or injuries that otherwise might have kept folks from doing this thing.

At the center of all this was Operation Enduring Warrior. We encourage everyone to check them out and support them however you can, they are amazing people who do amazing things to empower our nation’s wounded military and law enforcement veterans through physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation. Find 'em here:

We can’t thank the participants enough for showing up and being a part of this. We also want to show our gratitude to all the organizations who made this a reality. And if you’re interested in getting involved, take a look at our latest non-profit channel on IG and keep an ear to the ground:

Read more about VAAS here:

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