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Double Denim Will Boost Your Ruggedness If You Follow These Rules

Updated: May 29, 2021

Still believe double denim is a fashion faux pas? Forget about it.

With the evolution of men’s denim in full swing, we’ve finally worked out how to wear double denim, in way that looks good and gives your style a step up from those t-shirt-and-jeans kinda guys.

But before you go pull a full denim suit number on us like 2001 Justin Timberlake, there are some solid rules to follow. Double denim requires fashion friends when styling an outfit. And with the right mates – undershirts, belts and different shades of blue, you’ll be well on your way to nailing DD like a diehard denim dude.

Double Denim Rules

Don’t be dressed top to bottom in one shade of denim without a focal point in your styling (see tips below). Denim comes in an endless amount of washes, pick wisely.

Do look to black and coloured denim (grey, white, beige) as alternatives to blue denim. Perfect for those gents wanting the ruggedness of denim but without the matchy-blue look.

Do vary the denim weight between top and bottom, especially if the shades are close. Stick with heavier jeans and a lighter shirt or jacket, instead of the opposite.

Don’t overthink the fit. As a rule, the jacket should be fitted enough so you can do it up, but short enough that it rests on your hips, allow your shirt underneath to separate the two denim layers.

Do play with proportions. Three top options are: a fitted jacket/fitted jeans, a boxy jacket/slim or fitted jeans, or fitted jacket/relaxed jeans.

Don’t get on the denim boiler suit/overalls/onesie bandwagon. Unless, you’re a male model and your life is pretty much a runway.

How To Wear Double-Denim

Models in Trucker Jackets 1

Now you know the yes and no’s of double denim, we’ve source five ways to wear all-over denim. Some are more classic while others are of-the-minute trends and are certainly worth experimenting with. Above all, be true to your style personality. There’s no room for error with double denim.

Double Denim Light & Shade

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The most foolproof way to rock double denim? Vary the shade of indigo between top and bottom. When combining two different denim blues, go for a darker shade on the bottom and lighter on top. This always looks better, not the other way around. Other shading elements feature in the fabric, teaming lighter indigo pieces like linen denim shirts with selvedge vintage jeans, which are thicker and darker. Light and shade is the balance to aim for.

Double Denim Prints & Embellishments

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Embellished doesn’t mean rhinestone studs and diamantes. More like patchwork, patches, logos and embroidery. And, it’s more than simply adding some personalisation to your favourite denim jacket (or stopping your jeans from falling apart), the embellishments give double-denim outfits a visual point of difference, especially when wearing matching denim . This look rocks with mid-blue, Japanese-inspired denim.

Black Double Denim

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Black denim eschews the need to worry about looking too denim-y. First up, black double denim looks best in skinny fits. Think skinny jeans and a snug jacket, channelling that rock star mood. When going relaxed, black double denim works well in a vintage stonewash, or a dark charcoal, keeping the jeans darker in shade than the top. Suede-y boots or black sneakers are the footwear win, keeping your under shirt dark at night or light for the day.

Matching Double Denim

Matching your double denim is being adopted by gents looking for a super casual version of the traditional suit. Darker indigo shades are key here. Then, the fit – ensuring both your top and bottom halves are slim, the jacket cut sharp, much like a blazer. With only some of jacket buttons fastened – never the top or bottom ones – this look needs a collared shirt and tie, the crisp duo peeking over the neck as the focal point of the outfit. Rugged boots or clean sneakers finish off this sartorial experiment.

White With Double Denim

Models in Trucker Jackets 5

Adding some white to your denim rotation gives another foolproof option for pulling off a double-denim look without having to worry about shades of blue melting into one another. And it’s not as heavy handed in summer compared to black. Plus, it’s rather a rare denim choice, considering white jeans tend to fill most men with fear with the I’m-at-a-party food and wine stains likely to occur.

But, what about a white denim jacket? It’s less likely to get dirty when sitting down. And double-denim styling is easy. Pair with light blue jeans and brown lace-ups or summer sneakers,  avoiding bright shirt layers, which tend to look a bit trash or preppy. Muted and sensitive is best.

Author: Benjamin Fitzgerald

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