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Five of the Best Suede Trucker Jackets

Updated: May 28, 2021

Suede Trucker Jacket

Never cheap, but always an impressive look. Check out my five of the best suede trucker jackets, then take a long, hard look at your bank balance.

Why? I don’t know. Suede jackets tend to come at a premium price, but I have seen plenty of suede bomber jackets coming in at an affordable price. A great one from The Idle Man made the cut in my bomber jackets round-up for just over £100. You never see a suede trucker jacket in that price bracket. The cheapest I have seen is this one from Caine that comes in at £195. But I’m not entirely sold on it.

So instead I’m simply going for the ones I love. Not cheap, but you never know, they might drop into the sales in the summer. Sadly, the Beams Plus trucker jacket can’t be included as it is no longer available. Shame as that would have been at number one.

Best Suede Trucker Jackets

Levis Suede Trucker Jacket

1. Levi’s Vintage Clothing classic trucker jacket in suede

If anyone should know how to make one of these it is Levi’s and its Levi’s Vintage brand. Of course, it heads up my best suede trucker jackets selection.

This is a new addition to the range although Levi’s has made this style before. It’s a classic look, inspired by the 1960s Type III jacket and with many of the details of its denim equivalent.

The difference is the suede, a leather collar and the press studs. I would probably add in the price too as this one retails for a whopping GBP£959, which is markedly up on prices of a few years back.

Paul Smith Suede Trucker Jacket

2. Burgundy suede trucker jacket by Paul Smith

Never been a huge fan of the Paul Smith label. Too many coloured stripes for my liking. But I do like this piece.

I got to this via a tip-off on Twitter and it really jumped out at me. But again, price is a barrier.

According to the website, this one is crafted in Italy from a ‘luxurious suede’ with an ultra-soft finish and a burgundy shade and has all the trademark details you would expect and a few extras.

So side and chest pockets, along with tonal stitch detailing throughout, contrast panel cupro lining, an adjustable waist, leather hanging loop and embossed nickel buttons with contrast colour back rivets.

It’s a lovely thing, but I would struggle to justify £1,500 for it.

Rider MK2 Suede Trucker Jacket

3. Rider MK2 suede jacket by Connection

Let’s hear it for another Italian-made jacket, but this one coming in at a third of the price of the last one.

The always-excellent Connection produces limited runs of distinctive throwback designs and this is a typical example of its work.

Produced in thick suede and finished with press studs, this is a jacket inspired by Levi’s, but also many other similar jackets of the 1960s and 1970s. Definitely a little more ‘retro’ than the others, not least because of the slightly bigger collar. It is made in Italy by ‘skilful’ artisans using top quality materials and available to order in Military Green or Chestnut Brown. €500 for this one.

Noah Suede Trucker Jacket

4. Noah slim-fit suede trucker jacket by NN07

In love the colour of the suede on this one, which reminds me of that Beams Plus jacket I mentioned earlier.

Sadly, with NN07 being a premium label, this isn’t going to be anywhere the price of that one. Bit this is very much in Type III territory, an unlined jacket in a ‘sand’ suede that’s treated to look like it has been lightly worn.

A slim cut as the title suggests and just a good-looking jacket. Again, £1,000 for this is a big ask.

Valstar Suede Trucker Jacket

5. Valstar slim-fit suede trucker jacket

Ending my best suede trucker jackets and not a million miles from the last one is this effort from Valstar. But is does come at a cheaper price.

An Italian-made suede trucker (there’s a theme here), this one is available in a pink suede or the colour here, which is described as a grey suede, although it looks more of a dark brown to these eyes.

That slim fit, along with raised seams and flap pockets at the chest. Again unlined, which seems like a more traditional way of finishing this kind of jacket. £785 for this one.

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