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How France Fought a Lightning War in Mali


0:00 - The Situation

1:35 - Rebel Offensive

2:35 - French Intervention

4:30 - Task Force Doctrine

5:50 - Emergency Deployments

7:23 - France on the Attack

14:47 - Takeaways


• Consultation with Op Serval veteran

• "France's War in Mali: Lessons for an Expeditionary Army" by Michael Shurkin (RAND)

• "Operation Serval: Another Beau Geste of France in Sub-Saharan Africa?" by Lt. Gen. Olivier Tramond and Lt. Col. Philippe Seigneur (French Army)

• "What It Means to Be Expeditionary: A Look at the French Army in Africa" by Michael Shurkin (RAND)

• INF 223 "Manuel d'emploi des groupement tactique interarmes a dominante infanterie" (Operating Manual for the Infantry Dominant Combined Arms Battle Group), French Army, 2001

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