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How Russia’s Vacuum Bomb Sucks the Air Out of Your Lungs

When Russia’s military deployed its TOS-1A ‘vacuum bomb’ that sucks the oxygen out of the air, analysts said Ukraine’s best defense was to destroy the weapons before Russian troops could use them. Human rights advocates are pushing to restrict the TOS-1A, as some experts are arguing it could harm civilians in urban areas. So what makes the TOS-1A so deadly and controversial? WSJ explains why this thermobaric weapon is so feared and how Kyiv has dealt with them.

0:00 The “Scorching Sun”

0:38 How the TOS-1A works

2:55 Ukraine’s defense against TOS-1A’s

4:29 Why the TOS-1A is not banned

5:45 What it would take to ban WSJ Equipped Equipped examines military innovation and tactics emerging around the world, breaking down the tech behind the weaponry and its potential impact.

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