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How to Pull Off Double Denim from the 10 Guys Who Did It Best, 2021

Updated: May 27, 2021

Walker, Texas Ranger. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Jay Leno: Just three examples why denim-on-denim got such a bad rap for so many years (see: Canadian Tudo). But things have changed, and these days pulling on your best jeans and beat-up trucker jacket isn't just okay, it's encouraged—as long as you follow the rules

Aaron Paul

Let's be clear: Doubling down on denim doesn't just mean stacking blue hues together. So mix up one of your other colored jeans, like a chalky gray or jet black, with a washed indigo jacket. Then wave "hi" to all those people telling you how good you look.

Kanye West

West is a master (our word, not his) at mixing denim pieces together in a single rig. And he's even better at nailing those "new proportions" we keep telling you about. Here's the rapper showing you how to pull off both.

Tom Ford

Leave it to Ford to make two off-duty staples look like they belong at a fancy dinner. The trick? Tucking in his denim shirt to start, then finishing the look off with one sharply tailored blazer.

André Benjamin

The easiest way to veer into Canadian Tudo territory is to wear two similarly washed denim pieces together. Benjamin avoids that mistake by going full Bob Ross on his jeans. Try the same DIY approach with your own or go the patwork route.


Just because you're rocking black denim doesn't mean that tonal mixing we told you about goes out the window. In fact, it's hard to think of a better combo than black and grey when you're trying to embrace your inner punk.

Clint Eastwood

Name one other look that Clint Eastwood and Kanye West could both look like badasses in? We'll wait...

Kendrick Lamar

If you're committing to the denim on denim look, you're already set to turn heads. So keeping everything else you put on on the simple side, like some clean Chuck Taylors, shows people you're not just looking for attention.

John Mayer

Rolling with two denim pieces in one look doesn't just mean a trucker jacket and jeans. As John Mayer demonstrates, you can keep your indigo mixing to the top half as long as you stick with separate shades of each.

Dwight Yoakam

Finally, denim-on-denim mixing requires a little "'eff em" attitude. If it's your first time trying it out, make Dwight Yoakam here your double denim spirit animal and go for it.



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