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How To Re-Wax Your Trucker Jacket

Updated: May 27, 2021

Whether you need to completely rewax or just give your beloved waxed jacket a good scrub (but not in the washing machine), we can guide you through keeping your favorite piece in top shape. Huckberry Ambassador, moto enthusiast and photographer, gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to wax your jacket.


Originally developed for Scottish fisherman in the 15th century, waxed canvas has become a staple fabric for the modern man. And for good reason — the same characteristics that kept wind-lashed sailors warm and dry are ideal for chopping firewood in Montana, riding motorcycles through the Catskills (even after it starts to rain), and just looking good every damn day.

The best thing about this tough, timeless fabric? It only gets better with age. Every time you hoist a beer, tie your boots, or ride your bike, your movements will lighten the color of the waxed fabric in the creases and bends to create your own unique wear patterns. It’s truly a thing of beauty, and why we’ve all got a waxed trucker in our closets.

Author: Jon Gugala

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