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How to Style a Trucker Jacket

When it comes to class, layering is well... a major key. There's something about that extra piece of outerwear that instantly makes any outfit feel, that more stylish and sophisticated even with casual gear. In this video, we sit down with Dallas based photographer, influencer, and poet Deveja Webb(@_djuice), as he shares his unique twist on 5 different way's he loves to rock his trucker jackets. A listing of each outfit is detailed below. So tune in and enjoy, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Intro -

Striped T- Shirt -

Converse Hi Top -

Yankees Fitted Cap -

Look 1

SG Suede Trucker Jacket - Rust -

Distressed Denim -

Harness Chelsea Boot -

Look 2

SG Suede Trucker Jacket - Olive -

SG Miller Ranch Fedora -

Tartan Trousers -

Look 3

SG Suede Trucker Jacket - Olive -

Olive Trousers -

Look 4

SG Suede Trucker Jacket - Black -

SG Porkpie Fedora -

SG Damien Chelsea Boot -

Look 5

SG Suede Trucker Jacket - Grey -

Oversized Shirt -

Window Pane Trousers -

Air Jordan 1's Tokyo -

Rayban Sunglasses -

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