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How to Wash Your Jeans

Check out our Denim Wash detergent, designed specifically for raw and dry denim: We take the guesswork out of washing your jeans with an easy to follow video guide.

Steps below:

1. Run a lukewarm bath and add your soap. We recommend Woolite Dark or Dr. Bronner’s but unscented shampoo or body wash work just as well.

2. Wait for the soap to be completely dissolved in the water and place your jeans in the tub. Turn off the water when there’s enough for the jeans to be completely submerged (around 3-4 inches).

3. Agitate the jeans under the water for a few minutes then place them so that all parts of the jean are under water. You may have to use shampoo bottles to hold it down if your jeans are especially buoyant.

4. Leave your jeans in the tub for at least 30 minutes.

5. Agitate your jeans one more time and then drain the tub.

6. Once the tub is completely empty, refill it with again with cold water and leave the jeans in it for another 5-10 minutes. This will rinse out any remaining soap.

7. Drain the tub and hang your jeans to dry over the drain or outside–they will drip indigo water for a while.

8. Let them dry overnight and voila–clean jeans!

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