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Indian FTR x RSD Super Hooligan

Introducing the Indian #FTRSuperHooligan, built in collaboration with @RolandSandsDesign.

As the godfather of the Hooligan culture who pioneered the SuperHooligan race series of the same name, Roland Sands and his shop Roland Sands Design have become a legend in the custom bike-building world. The FTR x RSD Super Hooligan is the ultimate expression of the hooligan lifestyle. It takes the muscular design and performance that riders love with FTR and combines it with the RSD Super Hooligan race-inspired aesthetic. A thumping, 120-horsepower, liquid-cooled V-twin with 87 ft-lb of torque paired with styling pulled straight from Roland Sands’ Super Hooligan National Championship race bikes, the limited-edition FTR x RSD Super Hooligan has been painstakingly designed for the performance-minded rider who demands their bike look like no other.

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