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Inside Saudi Crown Prince's Ruthless Quest for Power

With his eyes set on the throne, Mohammed bin Salman spends ostentatiously on megayachts, French chateaus, Da Vinci paintings and private islands. He gains a network of Western allies with bold ambitions to open up the conservative Kingdom to the West. Behind the cool demeanour, we begin to see a series of schemes and cutthroat tactics. MBS orchestrates The Ritz Purge, kidnaps Saudi’s elites and royal relatives with allegations of torture inside, and his own men linked to the brutal hacking of Journalist Khashoggi - a murder that stunned the world.

Wall Street Journal reporters, Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck go behind the headlines on one of the world's most decisive and disruptive new leaders.

With interviews from his undisclosed closest confidants to financial filings and official government documents, Hope and Scheck attempt to unfold the motivations of the Prince’s most reckless decision-making.

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