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Inside This Green Beret & Entrepreneur’s GORUCK Home Gym

In this episode of Huckberry Homes, we traveled down to Jacksonville, Florida to meet up with longtime friend, GORUCK Co-founder, and former Special Forces Green Beret Jason McCarthy.

When he’s not rucking to and from the GORUCK HQ, you can find him and his friends putting on grueling garage workouts that are the talk of the neighborhood. Huckberry and GORUCK go way back, we’ve shared plenty of good times, GORUCK Challenges, and (more than) a few beers along the way. Their military-grade lineup is designed to be taken to hell and back in the field. So whether you’re traveling the world or “embracing the suck” with a 30 LB plate in your rucksack, you can be sure your gear’s up to the challenge.

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