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Is Scotland the New Cocaine Capital?

Scotland has the highest level of cocaine consumption on the planet according to 2018 data. Scots take on average 1.2 grams of cocaine per session - double the global average. And this epidemic is adding to one of the world’s deadliest drug crises, with a new trend of cocaine injection on the rise.

Scotland now has the highest drug death rate in Europe - more than fifteen times the European average. Increasingly, cocaine is a part of that.

In 2019, Scotland recorded 365 cocaine deaths, more than in any previous year. We want to know - why do so many Scottish people love cocaine?

And what’s the solution when that love for cocaine becomes deadly? - The War on Drugs has been won. By drugs. They’re everywhere. Many of them are new, and they’re all more potent. Society is altering chemicals, and chemicals are altering society back, creating new drug scenes - some funny, some bizarre, some terrifying.

Drugs on TV usually means criminals getting busted or addicts in recovery. But this series is about the cultures and people that have grown around the substances.

High Society will show you how drugs are shaping our world.

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