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Mister Freedom Blends Two Raw Selvedge Denims On Its Latest Ranch Blouse

Bias alert. I’ll go on record and say the Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse is my favorite denim jacket on the market. I don’t even own one (yet), so this new edition has my bank account in a full nelson, but let me tell you why it’s so special.

Two different kinds of denim were used on this iconic silhouette. Mister Freedom’s Sugar Cane-sourced fabrics are always impressive, but we’ve got a double threat, here. The body of the jacket uses a 14 1/4 oz. selvedge denim (the SC47 denim) and the contrast accents utilize a 13 3/4 oz. selvedge denim (the SC66 denim). The collar is an A1-style collar that looks perfect with the subtle buckle-back and low-slung front pockets (one with a flap, one without).

This USA-made jacket has cotton thread throughout, a boxy silhouette, and is super tasty. Remember, since it’s unwashed, expect some shrinkage (around 2″ in the total length and 1-.1.5″ in the chest, with a hot wash/soak). When I tried this thang on in Clutch, the clerk was wearing his own one, which had really shrunk down after a couple of tub soaks – s0 be sure to reach out to the nice guys at Clutch Cafe if you need help with sizing.

Available now for ∼ $458 ($412 for Heddels+ members) from Clutch Café.

Author: James Smith

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