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Need Lightweight Denim?

There are plenty of people out there desperately trying to lose weight. Especially in hotter climates. And although there have been many fads and out-of-the-box ways to get around it, for these individuals, the only way to feel better is to shave off some ounces. That way they’ll feel cooler, more comfortable, and most importantly less sweaty. But it’s hard, I know. Elusive, even.

That’s why it’s exciting to announce the Naked & Famous Blue Bird Selvedge jeans in the brand’s Weird Guy fit. And since we all knew I was talking about the weight of raw denim the whole time, I can just get right into the nitty-gritty.

Made from 9.5 oz. Japanese selvedge denim, you can enjoy the fun of raw denim without the gatekeeping of texture, weight, unforgiving rigidness, and that annoying thing called ‘warm weather’.

Enough with the ‘how heavy can we make our denim‘, these things are launching a ‘legs’ race in the other direction. Living in the Bay, if my jeans aren’t paper-thin within the next decade, I don’t know what I’ll do. Well, I guess I’d just wear the next best thing, which in this case has been finished with a custom brown tanned leather patch, silver metallic buttons, and rivets, and will have me feeling free as a bluebird.

Author: Ben Keefe

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