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NEW 2024 BMW R12 nineT

Welcome to the Pier City Cycles YouTube channel. This week, @bmwmotorrad unveiled their new, fourth generation R9T – the BMW R12 nineT - and this time round the bike has had a much larger overhaul than previous iterations. Our headline takeaway from the press release? @bmwmotorraduk5273 states that this has been ”designed for customizing”, which is a great line to quote at your dealership when you've fitted some aftermarket parts!

In this episode, we'll show you around the new R12 nineT and let you know all of the important facts and figures, whilst giving you an insight into the mods we’re already looking into!

0:00 First Impressions

1:32 The Cockpit

5:35 Chassis & Suspension

7:45 Drivetrain

9:40 Final Thoughts

The forks are 45mm Marzocchi forks, my bad!

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